Understanding the Science Behind the Nose Perfect Device


Simply put, Nose Perfect, created by our very own Dr. Paul Chasan, represents a revolutionary leap in the field of nasal reshaping. Developed with a focus on science, comfort, and effectiveness, this innovative device has redefined the approach to post-surgical refinement and non-surgical reshaping needs. 

For those looking to learn more about how this transformative device can help you hit your aesthetic goals, let’s delve into Nose Perfect's scientific principles so you can better understand its transformative potential. 

The Science of Gentle Reshaping

At the heart of Nose Perfect lies its innovative design, meticulously crafted to apply gentle pressure and promote the perfect post-surgical outcome without the need for traditional nasal taping. The device features two softly padded prongs that are delicately inserted into the nostrils, along with an ergonomically shaped pad that applies controlled pressure to the bridge of the nose. This design facilitates upward pressure on the nasal tip, aiding in reshaping the nasal structure with minimal discomfort. The science behind Nose Perfect's gentle but effective function lies in its ability to provide consistent and controlled pressure, supporting the reshaping process without causing undue discomfort or inconvenience.

Patient-Controlled Treatment and Long-Term Benefits

A cornerstone of the science behind Nose Perfect is its patient-controlled treatment approach. Patients are empowered to initiate the use of the device three weeks after surgery, gradually increasing usage based on their comfort and progress. This personalized approach allows individuals to tailor their treatment, with most patients using Nose Perfect for two to four hours a day. The device enables patients to control their own results, with the option to use Nose Perfect for up to six hours a day as comfort permits, ensuring the best benefits possible.

Non-Surgical Reshaping and Transformative Results

The science-backed design of Nose Perfect also caters to individuals seeking non-surgical nose reshaping. Studies suggest that wearing a device such as Nose Perfect may cause an improvement in the shape of the nose over time, offering a cost-effective and comfortable solution for those not ready for rhinoplasty surgery. 

Innovation and Expertise

The transformative Nose Perfect stands as a testament to Dr. Paul Chasan's commitment to advancing the field of nasal reshaping. This innovative device has redefined the landscape of post-surgical refinement and non-surgical reshaping, offering patients a safe, effective, and comfortable solution for achieving their desired nasal aesthetics. 

Moreover, Dr. Chasen’s decision to create the Nose Perfect to better serve his patients highlights the Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery philosophy: when we see a need, we’re here to meet it. So, if you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey to a more confident, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing nasal appearance, don’t delay any longer. Contact us today for a consultation.