Nose Perfect and Long-term Mask-Wearing

Nose Perfect is one of the best solutions for post-rhinoplasty care. But it can be used for other nose-shaping concerns as well. One of these concerns is with long-term mask-wearing.

Many patients work in conditions that require them to wear N95 masks or similar respirators that are strapped to the head. Many have felt that the pressure the masks exert on the bridge and tip of the nose can affect the shaping of it, specifically the drooping of the tip of the nose. In order to address how Nose Perfect can work for those who wear masks or respirators for long stretches of time, we must first understand how 

the tip of the nose is shaped.

Understanding Nose Anatomy

The tip of the nose (called the nasal tip) is the lowest and most front part of the nose. It is positioned at the end of the nasal bridge and is composed mostly of cartilage called the lower lateral cartilages.

The supratip is the area just above the nasal tip. It is comprised of cartilage and soft tissue and shapes the appearance of the bridge of the nose.

Rhinoplasty and Nasal Shaping

During rhinoplasty, plastic surgeons pay attention to these areas because they greatly influence the look of the nose’s profile.  After rhinoplasty, the area around this soft tissue is prone to swelling, and taping or splinting the tip and supratip area is essential to maintain its desired shape.

Effects of Long-term Mask-Wearing

Wearing a tightly secured N95 or respirator exerts downward pressure on the bridge of the nose. Many patients have felt this downward pressure on the tip and supratip areas of the nose, especially if they are wearing the masks all day long for work. Over time, this pressure may cause an undesirable re-shaping of the nose. Dr. Chasan recommends that long-term wearers of N95 masks and respirators to wear the Nose Perfect for several hours each night, to maintain its natural shape.

Introducing Nose Perfect

A lightweight, reusable, and comfortable device, Nose Perfect is designed with two softly padded prongs that are inserted into the nostrils and an ergonomically shaped pad that applies gentle pressure to the bridge of the nose. In addition, the Nose Perfect applies gentle upward pressure on the tip of the nose to provide the perfect shaping outcome.

Hassle-Free Nose Shaping

Nose Perfect offers a hassle-free solution to improve the shape of your nose without the need for tapes or adhesives. It provides the necessary pressure required to help heal your nose quickly during post-rhinoplasty surgery care and recovery. Nose Perfecty is effortless to use and leaves no residue, making it a convenient and effective way to achieve your desired nose shape.

The Excellence of Nose Perfect

Nose Perfect is a remarkable product that exemplifies the highest standards of excellence. It is the result of the meticulous design and development efforts of renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Chasan, who has dedicated his life to perfecting the art of aesthetics and surgical innovation. With his extensive expertise and unwavering commitment to perfection, Dr. Chasan has created a product that stands out from the rest and offers unparalleled results. Nose Perfect is a testament to his dedication and passion, and a true symbol of his unwavering commitment to excellence.